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Smooth Eye

In the realm of medical technology, skin rejuvenation procedures are highly sought after for their effectiveness. The Fotona Smooth Eye procedure has become a standout choice for individuals seeking various benefits. Specifically designed to address wrinkles around the eyes without resorting to surgery, it offers a non-invasive alternative. This unique treatment utilizes laser beams and provides not only wrinkle reduction but also skin tightening.

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What Are the Benefits of Smooth Eye Application?

Facial expressions, stress, sun exposure, aging, and hereditary factors contribute to changes in the face, manifesting as the initial appearance of fine wrinkles, sagging, and a reduction in deep supporting tissues – all signs of aging. The Smooth Eye procedure, also known as laser eye contour tightening, is an effective solution to counteract these effects. This treatment helps prevent fine wrinkles, addresses volume loss, and tackles elasticity problems, contributing to a more youthful appearance.

Smooth Eye Uygulamasının Avantajları

The Er:YAG laser beams utilized in Fotona laser systems are non-ablative, acting swiftly and efficiently on skin irregularities by heating the subcutaneous layers without causing peeling. This process enhances collagen levels in the skin structure, facilitating renewal and tightening in the deeper layers. The outcome is a more youthful and naturally rejuvenated facial appearance. Additional advantages of the Smooth Eye application, part of advanced treatment methods, include:
• Enhanced improvement around the eyes
• Minimal to no bleeding
• Augmentation of eye volume
• Remarkable reduction in wrinkles
• Swift return to social activities shortly after the procedure.

How Is It Applied?

To revitalize the eye contour, a multi-stage procedure is employed. Er:YAG laser heating is applied without causing damage to the skin’s surface. This stimulates the fibroblast and collagen functions in the subcutaneous layer, with the option for fractional laser use if wrinkles need additional attention. This leads to a smoothing effect on the tissue around the eyes.

Post-treatment, patients exhibit a more vibrant and youthful expression. The use of cold air minimizes discomfort during the procedure. Some flaking and dryness may occur 1-2 days after treatment. It is crucial to shield the treated area from high temperatures and sun exposure.

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